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September 28, 2000
Contact: Susan Henry, Consumer Liaison
(717) 783-5048.

HARRISBURG - Consumer Advocate Sonny Popowsky announced today that Titan Energy (formerly United Gas) will be returning approximately $281,000 in uncashed deposit checks to about 6,300 of its customers in the Columbia Gas and Peoples Natural Gas service territories. According to Popowsky, "Titan Energy customers who had sent in checks to remain on a fixed rate natural gas contract, in response to a June, 2000 letter from Titan will receive their checks back and will remain on their existing fixed rate contract with Titan."

Titan Energy will also be sending letters to approximately 40,000 additional customers in the Columbia and Peoples Gas service territories, advising them that they can remain on fixed rate contracts if they choose to do so. "These letters will give customers three options," said Popowsky. "Customers can choose to remain on the fixed rate contract; they can switch to a monthly variable rate; or they can choose another supplier, including their regulated natural gas distribution company." "There is no charge or deposit requirement for any of these options," Popowsky said, "but it is important for all customers to let Titan know which option they are choosing by October 27." Titan customers who do not respond will be placed on the monthly variable rate program. "If customers want to remain on the fixed rate contract that they have currently, they simply need to check that option on the response section of the letter and return it to Titan in the stamped, addressed envelope included with the letter," Popowsky said.

If customers have questions, they can call Titan Energy at 888-427-4872 or the Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate at 800-684-6560. The OCA's toll free number is open 8 A.M to 6 P.M., Monday through Friday. The Office of Consumer Advocate is authorized by state law to represent the interests of utility consumers in cases before the PUC and other state and federal agencies and courts.


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