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HARRISBURG -- Pennsylvania Consumer Advocate Sonny Popowsky announced today that his Office has intervened on behalf of customers in Nittany Water Company’s proposed rate increase request. On June12, 2003, Nittany Water Company asked the Public Utility Commission to allow it to increase its water rates by $72,000, or 68%. Under the Company’s proposal, a residential consumer using 3,000 gallons per month would see an increase from $18.15 to $31.80 per month.

Mr. Popowsky stated that his Office will investigate the Company's claims over the next several months. "Upon completion of our investigation," he continued, "we will recommend to the PUC how much of an increase, if any, appears to be justified." The Consumer Advocate’s Office also will investigate the quality of service provided by the Company.

Nittany Water serves approximately 520 customers in Walker Township, Centre County and Porter Township, Clinton County. The Office of Consumer Advocate is authorized by state law to represent the interests of utility consumers in cases before the PUC. If consumers have any questions about this case or any other utility-related matters they can reach the Office of Consumer Advocate toll-free at 800-684-6560 or,. They can also visit the OCA website at



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