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Consumer Tip for May 2009

How Much Water Are We Using?

The average American uses 60 gallons of water each day. This excludes outdoor uses such as washing the car or watering the lawn.

Do you know how much water is used in your daily activities?

  • Household faucet: 3-5 gallons per minute

  • Shower: 5-10 gallons per minute

  • Bath tub: 50 gallons, if full

  • Toilet flushing: 5-7 gallons

  • Dishwasher: 15-25 gallons

  • Washing machine: 35 gallons

  • Lawn watering: 35 gallons per ½ acre

Meanwhile, a dripping faucet can use 1,000 gallons or more per year.

Water is important in our daily lives, but wasting water is wasting money. Think about the water usage in your home and potential ways you could use water wisely.

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