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Consumer Tip for September 2005

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Prepare Now for Winter Heating Bills

Get prepared now for winter heating bills.  We expect that natural gas prices will be going even higher and here are some things to do now.

1.  Call your local gas company now and get on budget billing to help spread your gas costs out so you don't have extra high bills in the winter. Budget bills are designed to be just that...easier on your budget.

2.  Take a walk around the outside of your home and look for caulking that needs to be replaced.  Next, look around the inside for any holes or openings around doors and windows that you can plug up to prevent drafts into the house. Fix those things now. In a few weeks when the outside air becomes much cooler, you'll be grateful you found those easy fixes when you did.

3.  Redo any weatherstripping that you may have applied to the inside of your windows and doors. It may still be in good shape and you can just make sure it is in the right position to hold back drafts. If it needs to be replaced, do it now. It is not expensive and can save much more than it costs!

4. Replace your furnace filter regularly and if you can, have your furnace serviced. The more efficient your heating system, the lower your gas bills will be.

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