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Consumer Tip for July 2005

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The Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate Offers Tips for Lowering Summer Energy Costs

®     Make sure all filters in your air conditioner or heat pump are clean.  Dirty filters can prevent cool air from efficiently flowing into your living space.

®     To reduce air conditioning costs, set the thermostat 5 to 10 degrees higher while at work.

®     Use kitchen and bath ventilation fans sparingly.  These fans can help temporarily take humidity out of a room (i.e. during and after a shower), however overuse can pull out an entire houseful of cool air in just one hour.

®     Close drapes and blinds in hot weather to block out the sun and keep the home cool.

®     Be sure that the damper to your fireplace is closed during the summer to avoid warm air from coming through the chimney and to keep cool air from escaping.

®     Keep your refrigerator and freezer away from direct sunlight or warm air (for example, from a range or dishwasher) so these appliances do not have to use more energy to keep food cold.

®     Use the air-dry feature found on many dishwashers.

®     On cooler days and at night, open windows or use fans to cool the home.

®     Remember to check rooms that you do not use every day to make sure windows are shut.

®     Postpone using the dishwasher or doing laundry until the cooler evening hours to prevent the appliances from adding heat at the same time you are trying to cool the home. 

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