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Consumer Tip for May 2005

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The Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate

Our Goal Is To Ensure That Pennsylvania Consumers

Receive Safe and Adequate Water Service at Just and Reasonable Rates

How Does the OCA Help Consumers?

*                   Reviews Requests for Rate Increases

                   The OCA reviews the rate filings, tariffs, applications to provide service and other activities of the Commonwealth’s water utilities.  We seek to ensure that customers of small water utilities have the same protections as customers of larger water utilities.  We participate in nearly all cases involving large water utilities and many cases involving small and medium water utilities.

*                   Complaint Resolution

          The OCA may be able to resolve a problem you are experiencing with your water company.  Unfortunately, not all water companies fall under the jurisdiction of the OCA.  If we cannot help, we assist consumers in finding the proper agency for assistance.

*                   Main Extensions

          The OCA has supported requests from several consumers and groups to obtain extensions of water service to their homes at reasonable costs.  Some of these groups have experienced serious quality problems with existing supplies or have increasingly inadequate supply due to increased development.

*                   Other Water Activities

          The OCA serves as a member of numerous state and national groups to represent the interests of water consumers, including the Public Utility Commission’s Small Water Company Task Force, which meets regularly to address existing and emerging problems faced by small water utilities.

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