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Consumer Tip for February 2004

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Simple Winter Heating Maintenance
  • Make sure your thermostat temperature settings are accurate. Check the temperature in the room with the thermostat with an accurate thermometer. It will cost you extra energy dollars if the room is being heated to 70 degrees when the thermostat is set at only 68 degrees. You can adjust for this just by setting the thermostat differently, or hire a heating specialist to tune up your system and adjust your thermostat.

  • Replace dirty air filters in your heating system. Clean filters keep the home air fresh and make it easier for your heating system to operate. This helps to keep heating costs down. Also, clean filters keep the system's fans and motors dirt and dust free, which can make them last longer.

  • Repair cracks and holes in your ductwork so that warm air doesn't leak out. Check both heat and return ducts. Make sure you remember to check duct work in crawl spaces or attics. Most small leaks are easily repaired with duct tape.


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