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ATTENTION: Indian Springs Water Company Customers


The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) has opened an investigation into whether it should order a capable public utility to acquire Indian Springs Water pursuant to Section 529 of the Public Utility Code (66 Pa. C.S. Section 529).  This investigation shall include a discussion of alternatives to acquisition. 

As part of this process, the PUC has ordered that Pennsylvania-American Water Company (PAWC) assume total control of all property and operations of Indian Springs Water as a receiver beginning August 19, 2019.  The Company responsible for your billing will change to PAWC, which will continue to bill you at Indian Springs Water existing rates. 

To view the PUC’s August 8, 2019 order, click here:

As an Indian Springs Water customer, you can choose to participate in this investigation by filing a Petition to Intervene.  A Petition to Intervene is a request to become a party to the case by showing direct interest in the proceeding.  You can also attend or be a witness at a public input hearing, if one is held.  Please see this customer notice for more information on these options or contact our office at 1-800-684-6560.








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