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Consumer Corner

Pennsylvania Energy Consumer Bill of Rights - As a residential PA energy customer, you have both rights and responsibilities that ensure fair dealings between you and your utility company.

Consumer Tips
- OCA tips for utility consumers and links to educational sources and tips.

OCA Education and Outreach - Contact our Office if your group would like someone from our staff to give a presentation about a utility issue. Go to Upcoming Educational Events to see currently scheduled events.

OCA Call Center - Toll free number in PA is 1-800-684-6560. OCA offers electric choice shopping guides and other consumer information. Feel free to Contact Us to submit your comments or questions on consumer issues. Or,  Join our Mailing List to be informed of public utility actions affecting you. To file a formal complaint, complete the PUC Formal Complaint Form (pdf) and mail it to the PUC.

List of Pennsylvania Public Utilities

Real World Examples of How OCA Has Help Consumers

  • We assisted a woman in getting new telephone service established. She owns a rental property and called the telephone company to establish service. They took the order, gave her a telephone number and told her the service would be on in one week. At the end of the following week, she had no service, so she called the company. She was told that the order had not been placed, so she set up another appointment to meet the company at the property. The company did not show up for the appointment. When she called the company they advised her that the company had been there the previous day. She then made another appointment, but they did not show up at that time either. She made one more appointment and then called our office to see if we could assist her in making sure they would show up. We contacted the company and someone did connect her service.

  • We assisted a woman whose gas and electric had been turned off. She is in a wheelchair and has many health issues that prohibit her from working. She cannot afford to pay for her utilities and the reconnection fees. One of our call center representatives called the utilities and several social service agencies trying to get help for her. We were able to get help for the woman and have her services reconnected. She has been signed up for several low income programs and is now with the utility services CAP programs.

  • Another customer contacted us because her telephone payment had not been credited to her account even though she sent them a check and had a copy of the cancelled check. They asked her to send a copy of the check, which she did, but then she had to send it again after they still refused to credit her account. We contacted the company on her behalf and they were finally able to find record of the check and subsequently credit the account for the payment.

  • We received a call from a man who was having service problems with his telephone company. When people try to call him and when he tried to call out, a message told the caller that the number was out of service. He also said that they were receiving a message saying his mailbox was full, even though he did not have voice mail service on his telephone. He also said that his service had been out completely for a day and a half the prior month. We contacted his telephone company and they discovered that the number was stuck in one of the switches, which would have caused these problems. The service was fixed and the company gave the customer a credit on his bill for one month of service. The customer was satisfied with the resolution.

  • We assisted a man who had four small children and his electric service had just been shut off. We contacted the electric company to see if he qualified for its customer assistance program, which he did, and we educated him on the importance of paying something on his monthly bill, even if he can’t afford to pay it all. He managed to get some crisis money and the company agreed to turn his service back on.

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