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Formal Complaints, Answers and Interventions


05/07/2021- Community Utilities of Pennsylvania, Inc., Docket No. R-2021-3025206

04/23/2021- Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority- R-2021-3024773

08/27/2020- City of Bethlehem- R-2020-3020256

08/19/2020- Audubon Water Company- R-2020-3020919

03/24/2020- Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority- R-2020-3017951

07/30/2019- Twin Lakes Utilities, Inc., Docket No. R-2019-3010958

05/29/2019- Eaton Sewer and Water Company, Inc. -- Water, Docket No. R-2019-3009567

05/01/2019- Community Utilities of Pennsylvania Inc.- Water Div, Docket No. R-2019-3008947

03/21/2019- Newtown Artesian Water Company, Docket No. R-2019-3006904

02/13/2019- Buck Hill Water Company, Docket No. R-2019-3007103

08/28/2018- Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc., Docket No. R-2018-3003558

08/10/2018- Application of Suez Water Pennsylvania, Inc. for the Acquisition of the Township of Mahoning Water System Pursuant to Sections 1102 and 1329 of the Public Utility Code, Docket No. A-2018-3003519

 07/05/2018- Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, Docket No. R-2018-3002645

6/20/2018- Pennsylvania American Water Co, A-2018-3002437

6/7/2018-   The York Water Company, Docket No. R-2018-3000019

5/14/2018- Hidden Valley Utility Services, L.P. -- Water, Docket No. R-2018-3001306

5/10/2018- Suez Water Pennsylvania, Inc., Docket No. R-2018-3000834

12/01/2017- Reynolds Water Company

09/29/2017- Newtown Artesian Water Company, Docket No. R-2017-2624240

07/19/2017- Columbia Water Company, Docket No. R-2017-2598203

06/08/2017- Manwalamink Water Company, Docket No. R-2017-2603026

05/08/2017- Pennsylvania American Water Company, Docket No. R-2017-2595853

02/06/2017- Community Utilities of Pennsylvania, Docket No. A-2017-2583679

12/19/2016- York Water Company, Docket No. P-2016-2577404

12/06/2016- Republic Development Corp, Docket No. P-2016-2576068

06/06/2016- Pennsylvania American Water Company, Docket No. A-2016-2544151

04/19/2016 Community Utilities of Pennsylvania, Inc. Docket No. R-2016-2538660

11/23/2015  Twin Lakes Utilities, Inc., R-2015-2506337

09/09/2015 Allied Utility Services, Inc., R-2015-2479955

08/26/2015  Appalachian Utilities, Inc., Docket # R-2015-2478098 (PDF File)

04/09/2015 Borough of Schuylkill Haven Water Department, Docket No. R-2015-2470184 (PDF File)

02/17/2015 Penn Estates Utilities Inc and Utilities Inc. - Westgate, Docket Nos. P-2015-2464237 and P-2015-2464242 (PDF File)

02/02/2015 United Water Pennsylvania, Inc., Docket # R-2015-2462723 (PDF File)

07/22/2014 Borough Of Hanover- Hanover Municipal Water Works, Docket # R-2014-2428304 (PDF File)

07/09/2014 Pocono Waterworks Company - Water Division, Docket # R-2014-2420204 (PDF File)

06/11/2014 City Of Lancaster - Bureau of Water, R-2014-2418872 (PDF File)

05/22/2014 Emporium Water Company, R-2014-2402324 (PDF File)

02/25/2014 Borough of Ambler Water Department, R-2014-2400003 (PDF File)

12/09/2013 City of Bethlehem - Bureau of Water, R-2013-2390244 (PDF File)

09/20/2013 Fryburg Water Co_R-2013-2367108 (PDF File)

09/20/2013 Cooperstown Water Co. R-2013-2367125 (PDF File)

06/04/2013 The York Water Company, Docket # R-2012-2336379 (PDF File)

05/16/2013 Columbia Water Company, Docket # R-2013-2360798 (PDF File)

05/09/2013 Pennsylvania-American Water, Proposed Rate Changes, Docket # R-2013-2355276 (PDF File)

03/21/2013 City Of DuBois - Bureau of Water, Docket # R-2013- 2350509 (PDF File)

01/18/2013 Imperial Point Water Company, Docket # R-2012- 2315536 (PDF File)

01/09/2013 Rock Spring Water Company, Docket # R-2012-2336662 (PDF File)

07/19/2012 Borough of Hanover Municipal Water Works, Docket # R-2012-2311725 (PDF File)

03/05/2012 Audubon Water Company, Docket # R-2012-2286118 (PDF File)

02/23/2012 Columbia Water Co. and Marietta Gravity Water Co., Docket # A-2012-2282219, A-2012-2282221, S-2012- 2282224, S-2012-2282229, S-2012-2282230 and S-2012- 2282232 (PDF File)







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