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Formal Complaints, Answers and Interventions


05/07/2021- Community Utilities of Pennsylvania, Inc., Docket No. R-2021-3025207

04/23/2021- Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority, Docket No. R-2021-3024774

07/29/2019- City of Lancaster- Sewer Fund, Docket No. R-2019-3010955

05/29/2019- Eaton Sewer and Water Company, Inc. – Wastewater, Docket No. R-2019-3009559

05/01/2019- Community Utilities of Pennsylvania, Inc. Wastewater Division, R-2019-3008948

08/28/2018- Aqua Pennsylvania Wastewater, Inc., Docket No. R-2018-3003561

08/10/2018- Application of Suez Water Pennsylvania, Inc. for the Acquisition of the Township of Mahoning Wastewater System Pursuant to Sections 1102 and 1329 of the Public Utility Code, Docket No. A-2018-3003517

07/31/2018- Borough of Indiana- Wastewater, Docket No. R-2018-3003141

07/05/2018- Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, Docket No. R-2018-3002647

05/25/2018- Application of Aqua Pennsylvania Wastewater, Inc. Pursuant to Sections 1102 and 1329 of the Public Utility Code for Approval of its Acquisition of the Wastewater System Assets of East Bradford Township, Docket No. A-2018-3001582

05/14/2018- Hidden Valley Utility Services, L.P. – Wastewater, Docket No. R-2018-3001307

06/08/2017- Manwalamink Sewer Company, Docket No. R-2017-2603038

05/08/2017- Pennsylvania American Water Company, Docket No. R-2017-2595853

03/06/2017 Aqua Pennsylvania Wastewater, Docket # A-2017-2586983

02/17/2015 Penn Estates Utilities Inc and Utilities Inc of Pa. Docket Nos. P-2015-2464236 and P-2015-2464251 (PDF File)

11/21/2014 CMW Sewage Company, Inc., Docket # R-2014-2428750 (PDF File).

11/21/2014 Delaware Sewer Company, Docket # R-2014-2452705 (PDF File).

07/09/2014 Pocono Waterworks Company - Wastewater Division, Docket # R-2014-2420211 (PDF File).

08/12/2013 Penn Estates Utilities, Inc. Sewer Division, Docket # R- 2013-2370455 (PDF File).

06/20/2013 Petition of Little Washington Wastewater Company For Approval of a Distribution System Improvement Charge, Docket # P-2013-2366873 (PDF File).

06/04/2013 The York Water Company, Docket # R-2012-2336379 (PDF File).

05/09/2013 Pennsylvania-American Water, Proposed Rate Changes, Docket # R-2013-2355276 (PDF File).

11/30/2012 North Heidelberg Sewer Company, Docket # R-2012- 2330877 (PDF File).

10/17/2012 City Of Lancaster - Sewer Fund, Docket # R-2011- 2310366 (PDF File).



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