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Pennsylvania Natural Gas Shopping Statistics

These are the results of the Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate's survey of Pennsylvania's gas distribution companies to determine the number and percentage of residential customers served by alternative gas suppliers. The data in these tables are updated on a quarterly basis.


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History of Pennsylvania Natural Gas Shopping Statistics:


July 1, 2017 (pdf file)
April 1, 2017 (pdf file)
January 1, 2017 (pdf file)
October 1, 2016 (pdf file)
July 1, 2016 (pdf file)
April, 2016 (pdf file)
January, 2016 (pdf file)
October, 2015 (pdf file)
July, 2015 (pdf file)
April, 2015 (pdf file)
January, 2015 (pdf file)
October, 2014 (pdf file)
July, 2014 (pdf file)
April, 2014 (pdf file)
January, 2014 (pdf file)
October, 2013 (pdf file)
July, 2013 (pdf file)
April, 2013 (pdf file)
January, 2013 (pdf file)
October, 2012 (pdf file)
July, 2012 (pdf file)
April, 2012 (pdf file)
January, 2012 (pdf file)
October, 2011 (pdf file)
July, 2011 (pdf file)
April, 2011 (pdf file)
January, 2011 (pdf file)
October, 2010 (pdf file)
July, 2010 (pdf file)
April, 2010 (pdf file)
January, 2010 (pdf file)
October, 2009 (pdf file)
July, 2009 (pdf file)
April, 2009 (pdf file)
January, 2009 (pdf file)
October, 2008 (pdf file)
July, 2008 (pdf file)
April, 2008 (pdf file)
January, 2008 (pdf file)
October, 2007 (pdf file)
July, 2007 (pdf file)
April, 2007 (pdf file)
January, 2007 (pdf file)
October, 2006 (pdf file) ***
July, 2006 (pdf file)
April, 2006 (pdf file)
January, 2006 (pdf file)
October, 2005 (pdf file) **
July, 2005 (pdf file)
April, 2005 (pdf file)
January, 2005 (pdf file)
October, 2004 (pdf file)
July, 2004 (pdf file)
April, 2004 (pdf file)
January, 2004 (pdf file)
October, 2003 (pdf file)
July, 2003 (pdf file)
April, 2003 (pdf file)
January, 2003 (pdf file)
October, 2002 (pdf file) - Revised *
July, 2002 (pdf file) - Revised *
April, 2002 (pdf file)
January, 2002 (pdf file)
October, 2001 (pdf file)

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Includes revisions made by National Fuel Gas on January 8, 2003 regarding the total number of residential customers.

Includes revisions made by UGI Gas on January 10, 2006.

Statistics for Columbia Gas were revised on January 17, 2007.


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